Dating vintage boss pedals

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He tours with one guitar: a 1985 Aria Pro II Michael Schenker XX-MS Signature V.

His bandmate, bassist Nick Cageao, had already went the Aria route by landing an Explorer-ish Pro II ZZB Custom 4-string so he thought it’d be cool if both Mutoid men would rock Arias.

Nonetheless, for a non-MIJ OC-2, the pre-owned price is around -65.

Stephen Brodsky likes to keep it classic and simple.

The unit used for this review is from 1995 and was made in Taiwan.

I have not had a MIJ unit to compare with, so I can’t really comment on any differences regarding the tone.

If you add the second octave below, you would get into trouble much higher on the fretboard.

As discussed in the SOUND section, the OC-2 is in fact quite versatile and offers six possible combination of the three notes (Direct, Oct1 and Oct2).

OC-2 is a classic BOSS pedal, which means it is well-built, yet not as rugged as some of the more high-end boutique pedals.

The knobs (still) have a firm feel to them and the input and output don’t crackle or anything even though I have been using it for almost two decades.

A common issue with BOSS pedals is that the small screw used for accessing the battery often breaks.

However, I have always used the OC-2 with an external power supply, so that has never been an issue.

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In the sound clips section, you will find six short audio clips demonstrating each of the six variations as described above.

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