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“I drove from Madison across the high plateau of East Colorado. It was nuts, it was cool, it was like racing at Woodstock.

You drive for a long time before you see a mountain and you think, ‘what is all the fuss about? Everybody came for the music, for the party, and the athletes were cool.

I also teach on FZC002; FZ1205; FZ1206; FZ2202; FZ4206; FZ4210.

I run two fieldwork projects Bryn Celli Ddu public archaeology landscape project, and Five Years Digging a research project working on the earlier prehistory of Northumberland. Radiocarbon dating the Early Neolithic on islands within the ‘western seaways’ of Britain.

She has active research interests in the practice of public archaeology and commercial archaeology, and she directs two landscape fieldwork projects in Anglesey and Northumberland.

2015-16 Module Tutor for: History of Archaeological Thought (FZ1206), Neolithic Bronze Age Early Britain and Ireland (FZ2204), Thinking About The Past (FZ2206), and archaeological dissertation projects at Foundation (FZC003) and Undergraduate level (FZ3202). Jones (eds) The development of Neolithic house societies in Orkney.

Here's his reasons why it has become one of his favorites. I used to hunt birds during the months of September and October in Alberta's Parkland areas. This also ended as he took on a project to illustrate a book on Mayflies.

She chiefly specialises in Mesolithic, Neolithic and early Bronze Age archaeology of Europe.

She has interests in scientific dating, stable isotopes, environmental archaeology, three dimensional modelling and geophysics.

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Subject Areas: Archaeology Seren is a prehistorian who specialises in the application of archaeological science techniques.

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