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Doubleyourdating affiliate program

When you know your numbers, you’re able to do that, you’re able to make those decisions because not only are you competing, selling your product against your competitors, but you’re also competing against your competitors as far as the affiliate that you’re running and attracting the right affiliates and getting them to promote for you.

We simply replicated that for our own products or service. Now you mentioned, when it comes to paying out affiliates do we simply pay them out or do we test that first?For those of you who are listening, if you want to waste months and waste money, then recreate your funnel by scratch.But if you want to get a head start, and exactly what you said Mark is, we do that.They probably outsource or source from China for about 30 cents, but they were paying affiliates at one point an flat CPA guaranteed payout.Once again you look at something like that and you say, “People are only paying .95 shipping and handling and they’re paying out their affiliates to .” As marketers such as me and you, the first thing that we do is we do through the entire funnel to figure out, “How can they afford to do that?

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We did the same thing with all of their video sales that are for their upsells and down sells.