Garrett hedlund dating rashida jones

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Garrett hedlund dating rashida jones

That someone here reported being cruised and cruised hard by Al Sharpton at a demonstration in NYC years ago.And I totally believe the report from the woman who got picked up by Suzanne Somers one night and then got completely blown off by here the next time they met. I believed the story about Marc Gastineau blowing a Latino guy in a quiet room at a house party.I know I can't be the only actor living doing's how I see it.I don't spill the beans because I think it's in bad taste and I don't want to be talked about myself. I've had plenty sexual encounters with other actors and famous people, but what good is it to tell?

That a neighbour saw Austin stay with Jake regularly. Another random piece of gossip that seemed interesting was about Chris Hemsworth,suggesting that it was well known he was in the closet in Australia in his Home and Away days. No one from Hollywood has come forward to say not true, which makes me think its been inside, common knowledge for decades.

There was an awesome thread about guys who have hooked up with professional hockey players. And, of course, their parents can afford to pay their tuition and expenses, which makes it a lot easier to attend.

The thread was so good and the stories were so vivid and detailed...small things that somebody making it up would not think to write..the thread was deleted. Also, while Sacha's act looks improvised and individual in reality he leans heavily on pre-prepared stuff from his sharp writing team.

I believe it due to the substantial gay rumors about Scott, and James' longtime association with mobsters. Now he's bringing back Ali G - not that anyone asked. The rumor that Roy died from complications of AIDS in 1988 and his lookalike cousin was given extensive plastic surgery to take his place.

It also gives me a lot of sympathy for Scott and the fucked-up stuff he was exposed to as a kid -- bad enough living at the Playboy Mansion as a little kid and touring with Cypress Hill as a tween, but watching your dad kill your boyfriend on top of it all would drive anyone over the edge. I believe this becausea) they were moving the act from the Frontier Hotel to the Mirage at the time and had two years to train the "new" Roy with the animals and get the production down smoothly.b) there was a LOT of money at stake.

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In any event, I agree with him and am glad that he is okay.

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